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Beat Burnout “For You”

Go from feeling exhausted, uninterested, and constantly overwhelmed to achieving a lasting work-life balance.

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I’ve worked with high-achieving teams across North America to prevent burnout…

A live 10-week work-life balance transformation.

You don’t need to wait for things to “calm down.”

In this program, you’ll build a personal plan to:

✅ Effectively manage work-related stress.

✅ Consistently prioritize your wellbeing (even when times are busy)

✅ Leave burnout behind for good

✅ Cultivate your hobbies, relationships, and pursuits outside of work.

In just 10 weeks, you’ll have a whole new approach to work & life.

What you can look forward to…

Module 1: Personal Wellbeing

We’re going to move the needle right away, by kicking things off with personal wellbeing practices that you can put into practice (and reap the benefits of) immediately.

Identify your early warning signs for burnout, relieve stress and recover from work, and implement flexible routines that work with you.

3 lives calls and an implementation week.

Module 2: Better Boundaries

Everyone says you need boundaries – but what does that mean?We’ll dive deep into the types of boundaries you need at work, how to set them, and how to enforce them.

2 lives calls and an implementation week.

Module 3: Job Strategies

Managing stress is great – but making work less stressful to begin with? That’s gold. We’ll cover…

• strategies to work with your brain

• how to do less (without getting less done)

• navigating wellbeing at work with managers and peers

3 lives calls.

Register by October 5, 2023

Pay in Full

$597 CAD ( ~ $440 USD) one time

8 lives & recorded lessons

50 + page workbook for implementation and transformation

exclusive community of fellow high achievers

voice memo access to ask questions and get feedback

By registering, you agree to the Terms & Conditions outlined below.*

Payment Plan

$199 CAD ( ~ $147 USD) for 3 months

Exactly the same stuff.

By registering, you agree to the Terms & Conditions outlined below.*

*Terms & Conditions: This course is for personal development of burnout management strategies and work-life balance. This course is not for practitioners, therapists, burnout coaches, etc. looking to gain tools for their own practices. That’s a different course! Beat Burnout For You and all associated materials are property of Nina Nesdoly, Workplace Clarity 2023. By registering, you agree not to duplicate or distribute Beat Burnout For You content and to restrict use to personal use only. All registrations are final sale.