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The Beat Burnout Workshop Series

Evidence-based sessions and workshops to beat burnout & create sustainable work-life balance.

“Self-care” and “burnout” are big buzzwords in 2024 – but what does stress management at work really look like?

Employees, teams, and leaders want better ways to manage work stress and avoid burnout – and still perform at the top of their game. The right strategies make it possible to manage stress effectively and prevent burnout without sacrificing job performance.

Nina uses her expertise and experience to provide practical strategies for your team. She draws on her interdisciplinary background in Organizational Behaviour (MSc Management) and Neuroscience (BSc) to develop evidence-based strategies and training. Nina is an experienced and engaging facilitator – she has provided training for non-profits, private and public sector organizations, MBA students, and previously worked as a workshop facilitator for Apple.

Get training for your leaders, team, or event that teaches your team and attendees to…

  • Identify and disrupt the symptoms of burnout.
  • Implement stress-management strategies based on brain science.
  • Balance wellbeing with job performance.
  • Craft jobs for better engagement, wellbeing, and performance.

The Beat Burnout Series

The Beat Burnout series for teams and leaders covers burnout prevention from every angle: effective work recovery, stress management at work, team-level resilience, and leadership strategies.

Your team will come away with new ways to think about stress, burnout, and resilience, and gain practical strategies that go beyond self-care to build engagement, foster wellbeing, and support productivity and performance.

Sessions are available as 60-minute interactive sessions or 90-minute workshops with group activities, online or in-person. The full series includes 3 full-team sessions and one leadership strategy session. Book a single session or a bundle!

Curated & Custom

The Beat Burnout workshops are expertly curated to include the most up-to-date insights from neuroscience and management research, translated into simple strategies your team can use at work, and delivered in a fun, engaging format.

Every session meets the unique needs of your team through in-session opportunities for reflection, team discussions, and workshop activities that help your team apply their learning to their own lives and work.

The Science of Stress Relief & Recovery

Learn the basics of burnout and how to effectively relieve stress and recover from work. Topics covered:

  • the signs of burnout
  • the science of stress relief in the nervous system
  • effective work recovery

Workshop activity: The Rest & Recharge Routine

Stress Management at Work

Shift out of overwhelm and break out of burnout patterns by learning to work with your brain. Your team will learn:

  • the basics of the brain’s stress response
  • techniques to manage stress on the job
  • to identify and address burnout patterns

Workshop activity: The Brain-Friendly Workday

Communication for Resilience

We’re better together! Discover how to talk about burnout and build resilience through communication using the new neuroscience of resilience.

  • setting boundaries and expressing needs
  • building team-level resilience

Workshop activity: Relational Pauses

Leadership Strategies

Your leadership team will gain the skills to identify and support team members with burnout by creating safe and healthy environments.

  • The job factors of burnout
  • What burnout looks like in team members
  • Talking about & addressing burnout

Testimonials & Select Clients

The Workplace Clarity session with our engineering team was fantastic.  There were many strong takeaways, and each of us found areas where Nina’s insight impacted us on a personal level and as a team.  Many on the team left the session with new purpose towards “mastering” something outside of work to help manage stress, and Nina’s coaching around setting effective boundaries provided immediate benefit to several others.  I highly recommend Nina and Workplace Clarity to anyone looking for help with stress management and effective work recovery strategies!

Nina from Workplace Clarity spoke with our team on workplace burnout and stress management.  It was exactly what we all needed coming out of COVID. Just being together (on zoom) and discussing these topics with a positive leader like Nina was beneficial for the whole team.  Thank you!