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Beat Burnout

In her signature workshop, Nina provides your team with burnout prevention strategies that go beyond self-care. Your team will learn burnout strategies focused on a core concept: burnout happens when your demands exceed your resources. Takeaways include:

  • Scientifically proven strategies to relieve stress. 
  • On-the-job stress management practices for different personalities and challenges.
  • Strategies that balance wellbeing and achievement so your team can excel at work without burning out.

Make it a half-day seminar (3 hours) with these additional topics:

  • Delve into the 4 keys to effective work recovery and start cultivating work-life balance.
  • Build & set boundaries that protect individual resources and support team goals.

This talk is suitable for employees of all levels.

Please include a phone number in case my email is blocked by your firewall. I'll give you a call if I don't hear from you.