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Burnout 101

Working until we are exhausted is not sustainable. About 70% of people report experiencing burnout at some point during their careers.

We crave more work-life balance, but in a world that tells us that working more is the only way to achieve anything worthwhile, it feels impossible.

So how do you stop you stop burnout – and still create a life and career that are meaningful to you?

One spa a day a year or the occasional half-day won’t do it. Ending burnout requires restructuring work and life to lead with rest.

And that’s exactly what you’ll learn how to do in the Burnout 101 Masterclass.

August 16 6:00 PM EST or August 17 12:00 PM EST (two times offered – same class)

What’s covered:

✅ the signs of burnout – when you’re in it and before it hits

✅ four keys to effectively recover from work-related stress and improve your work-life balance

✅ how to break patterns of Type A, perfectionism, and people pleasing

✅ personality-based burnout prevention techniques

✅ strategies to mitigate job factors of burnout