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Burnout 101: Masterclass

The Masterclass where you…

Identify the signs & symptoms of burnout

Address personal and work-related burnout risk factors.

Change your approach to work.

Gain practical burnout-prevention strategies.

Masterclass + live Q&A. Recording available + the opportunity to ask questions via email.

February 8 at 7:00 PM EST or February 9 at 10:00 AM EST.

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Who is this Masterclass for?

This Masterclass is for high-achievers like you who want to beat burnout without giving up on your professional goals!

You’re feeling exhausted, cynical, and detached from work, or losing your sense of accomplishment at work – or you’re not there yet and want to make sure that you never are.

You’re ready for a new approach to work – one that balances wellbeing and high-achievement.

Meet Nina

Workplace Stress Expert

Nina is your coach – a workplace stress expert dedicated to helping people manage work stress, prevent burnout, and achieve work-life balance.

Nina changed her approach to work and achievement after a severe concussion, but her workshops are based on more than personal experience – Nina has degrees in Neuroscience and Management and draws on current research (including her own) to develop evidence-based strategies.