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The Work-Life Balance Club is currently close! For the best member experience, doors open 3-4 times a year so that you start your journey from burnout to balance with a cohort of like-minded people.

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Beat Burnout and Create Sustainable Work-Life Balance

If you’re ready to break out of burnout patterns and start using science-backed scripts and strategies to manage stress, work smarter, and build work-life balance – then this is for you!

Stress management does not need to be stressful. Get the easy-to-implement scripts and strategies you need to break out of burnout patterns.

The scripts and strategies I provide in The Work-Life Balance Club are simple to implement and backed by science. If you’re here, you’re probably overwhelmed and not sure what to do next. Not to worry – I’ve got you! The Work-Life Balance Club guides you to make lasting changes, with quarterly guided programs and a growing library of 5-15 minute video lessons.

It’s everything you want: short, simple, and science-based.

It’s easier to break burnout patterns than to keep pushing through.

Pushing through can seem like the easier option in the short-term, but in the long run it leaves you exhausted, unfulfilled, miserable – and life gets harder.

Why is work-life balance so important?

First and foremost, it’s because you were meant for more than just work. You deserve to enjoy your life outside of work – and hopefully also find enjoyment at work!

Second, burnout has long-term consequences. Living under strain and over-commitment has consequences for your physical and mental health.

Burnout will not just go away with self-care. The only way to beat burnout is through lasting changes to the way we work.

Those that decide to keep pushing through or trying to solve burnout without changing their approach to work – and work itself – will stay stuck.

They continue to work the same way; over-committed, pushing against their brains, and without addressing job factors – just hoping for the best.

But you and I both know that “hope” is not a solution.

Why is now the perfect time for high-achievers like you to beat burnout?

The way we work is changing – and you can make changes for the better. The science and solutions exist, you just need to implement them.

Hi there! I’m Nina.

For 9 years, I’ve been studying neuroscience and work stress. Now, I help high-achievers and high-achieving teams beat burnout!

I bring years of niche expertise to my work. I have an interdisciplinary background in Neuroscience (BSc) and Management (MSc), that allows me to understand work stress and burnout from both physiological and organizational perspectives, and I am currently pursing a PhD studying work-related stress.

I’ve worked with private sector, non-profit, and government organizations, college and MBA programs all over North America – and people just like you to leverage science for better work-life balance.

And through it all, I’ve discovered the subtle nuances in the ways we work that make a BIG difference.

My interdisciplinary approach has led to big realizations.

Work stress research and neuroscience research are usually kept separately, but combining both fields unlocks better ways to work and the keys to beat burnout…

💡 Neuroscience shows you how to tap into your stress response and work with your brain, rather than against it, allowing you to beat burnout while still pursuing big goals.

💡Management research delves into the nitty gritty aspects of work itself, and shows you how to manage, reduce, and recover from stress at work and how to build less stressful, more resilient teams.

I started looking for ways to combine neuroscience and management findings into practical strategies to beat burnout and create sustainable work-life balance and now…

my teachings have helped hundreds of people and teams!

I primarily work with teams and organizations, but I wanted a way to help more people and to provide top-tier, science-backed lessons to individuals who might not receive it within their organization… And I want it to be affordable! Enter…

The Work-Life Balance Club.

These lessons work across industries, and the results speak for themselves…

You can be next!

And with that, I’m excited to share The Work-Life Balance Club with you!

The challenge with courses or coaching is that I can only serve a small group. I knew more people could benefit from what I was teaching. That’s why I developed The Work-Life Balance Club and if you join us, I’d love to help you, too.

✅ Guided programs to implement work-life balance strategies.

✅ A library of lessons you can turn to any time.

✅  Request the content you need.

✅  Find answers to your questions in our searchable database.

✅ Curated workbooks to implement your learning.

✅ Learn in any format: videos, audios, and transcripts are available.

The best part? You can cancel anytime. You’re here to improve your work-life balance, not be held hostage by a membership. This is for you. If it’s not working for you – that’s totally ok.