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Welcome to the Club!




I’ve been thinking about what you need to beat burnout and create sustainable work-life balance.

Time and time again, you and other high achievers like you tell me that your biggest obstacle to beating burnout is creating a separation between your work and your personal life.

My idea is to help you create work-life balance and reduce overwhelm (there is so much stress management and burnout prevention advice out there that it becomes a source of burnout itself!) by providing you with a monthly bundle, including:

  • short and simple mini-lessons on work-life balance
  • scripts and strategies so you can easily implement the lessons
  • a live (and recorded) Q&A call with me to get all your work and burnout questions answered

Most important, this is a monthly membership – because work-life balance isn’t one and done. I want to create something you can access through all of life’s ups and downs.

Full disclosure: this is an early-stage idea. Nothing has been created or finalized just yet. However, I have been providing Masterclasses, programs, and corporate workshops on these topics to my current clients and the feedback is incredible!

My vision for this membership is to help you beat burnout and create sustainable work-life balance by providing clear and actionable steps you can take right away. I want you to feel confident setting boundaries between work and personal life, and to feel engaged in both of these areas – not exhausted, detached, and more overwhelmed by the day as you do right now. Ultimately, this membership will make it easy for you to stop taking work home.

I want you to be a Founding Member.  Here are the benefits of joining as a founding member:

  1. You get a Founding Member price of $20/month.
  2. You get to help shape the idea and the community.
  3. Your price of $20/month is locked in as long as you remain a member.

As a founding member, I’ll be looking for your feedback – to determine the future of the membership!

Every month receive a bundle containing:

  • Monthly mini-course (live & recorded)
  • Scripts & Strategies Guidebook
  • Q&A Call with Nina

You’ll have ongoing access to a community of like-minded high achievers who are breaking out of the burnout cycle and creating sustainable work-life balance!

Keep your founding member price ($20 USD/month) for as long as you’re a member.


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